“The children were engaged! Both fun and facts were well woven together.”

“Excellent physical comedy!”

“The show moved right along and won the watchers over and by the end of the program he "had them all in the palm of his hand."

“Sequences involving table setting and plates, and involving ping pong balls, were excellent. Using a parent as audience volunteer was inspired.”

“I’ve hosted “Professor Ficklestein” twice now for my library’s summer programming, and I’ve never had so many kids and parents rave to me about a show afterwards. The science concepts are presented in an easy to understand and entertaining way, and the audience was laughing and oohing and ahhing the whole time! – Kristina, Seattle Librarian”


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“Audience reaction was very favorable for children and adults alike. Bill Robison (AKA Professor Ficklestein) is engaging and friendly and made "learning science" out to be enjoyable fun!!”

“The mom sitting next to me confided to me that her son "is going to want to try that [physics antics with table settings] at home! Fortunately, they have plastic plates!”

Quirky physicist Professor Phineas T. Ficklestein can’t wait to show off his factory’s wacky experiments, kooky creations and goofy gadgets!

During the course of the show,"The Professor" will demonstrate Isaac Newton's 3 Laws of Motion utilizing physical comedy, mime, music, juggling, magic and hilarious sound effects with lots of audience participation!

This presentation is an extremely effective learning tool because it uses interactive and visual concepts to teach key words in Science and Physics and will appeal to a variety of learning styles, including those of the kinesthetic, visual, auditory, and linear learners. Its exciting use of performance and props will help the audience integrate and anchor scientific concepts while being delivered by a children's theater performer with over thirty years of experience.

                    (AGES 4-12)

Click below for full 50 minute show

Performances include:

Audubon Elementary, Redmond,WA

Adams Elementary, West Seattle

Thoreau Elementary, Kirkland,WA

Juanita Elementary, Kirkland,WA

Peter Kirk Elementary, Kirkland, WA

Fairmount Park Elementary, Seattle
Lydia Hawk Elementary, Lacey

Children's Arts Festival, Mount Vernon

Muckleshoot Library
Greenwood Branch Library
Central Library
University Library Branch
White Center Library
Woodinville Library
Valley View Library
Lake Forest Park Library
Kent East Hill Center
Boulevard Park Library
Shoreline Library
San Juan Island Branch
Magnolia Library Branch  
Covington Library
Enumclaw Library
Delridge Library Branch         
Capitol Hill Library
YMCA Library Show
Issaquah library
Southwest Library (twice)
Northeast library
Kenmore library
Federal Way library
Des Moines library
White Center Library
Carnation Library
Kingsgate Library
Snoqualmie Library
Renton Highlands
Kirkland Library
Tukwila Library

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